Recycled Art: Part 2

Back in November of last year, we wrote a blog post about some interesting recycled art pieces we found. We just couldn’t get enough of the recycled art scene, so we’re back for Part 2! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the beauty of these creative masterpieces:

Bonsai by Guerra de la Paz

Guerra de la Paz is the composite name that represents the creative team efforts of Cuban artists, Alain Guerra and Neraldo de la Paz. Gaining access to an overabundance of discarded clothing, they used clothes as their main unconventional materials to produce beautiful and inspiring recycled art.

spring - cc photo











Dog by Leo Seowell

Leo has developed his own art style over the last 50 years. His notable works are mostly composed by charming plastic objects, metals and woods and were collected by corporations, museums and individuals all over the world. We loved this canine-inspired piece!

Dog - cc










Ribbon of Light by Sara Bergando

This artist combines elements by using scraps of felt, the battery charger of an old cell phone, and a circuit of 50 low-power LED lights. The result is really cool!

data ribbon

Self Portrait by Tom Deininger

Tom Deininger is the master of collage art. His collage works are not only beautiful, but makes you really think that how your discarded little items can form sensational art like his works. Plus, based on his self-portrait, he seems like a fun guy!













Soda Can Dragon

This incredible dragon is produced completely by aluminum cans, and is located in the Paris Zoological Park at the Jardin de Plantes. Pretty cool!

giant dragon

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