Mr. Romney, Are You Listening?

This is a letter I sent to Governor Romney’s Staff.  I have had no response as of October 13, 2012.

Dear Governor Romney,

I am a second generation insulation contractor owner in Richmond, Virginia.  We have 24 employees and specialize in sprayed insulation systems.  We have offices in Richmond, Charlottesville, and Roanoke.  My father was inspired by a campaign speech
of Ronald Reagan.  Energy independence and environmental responsibilities are key factors in our country progressing forward, and this upcoming election.  I
would like to share a quick thought.

Any true energy plan must contain an emphasis on conservation.  The current administration dumped a lot of money towards this through various weatherization/conservation programs.  Frankly, we prospered off of some of the projects.  The majority of the programs are a bureaucratic mess of epic proportion.  While intentions were mostly good, money was wasted, jobs were not created, and overall it stifled the weatherization/conservation process.

Through all the mess, one huge positive did come from the
program.  When the work was completed by qualified contractors, huge energy savings were obtained.  While the program required 20% savings, contractors were able to achieve 30%, 50% or even 70% energy savings!  Weatherization and insulation work.  If we can cut U.S. home energy consumption by that much, our current infrastructure can more than service our energy needs.

Conservation and using less energy appeals to all people.  Whether because to want to save a buck or a tree, it really does make sense to be stewards of our natural resources.

Mr. Romney, I ask that you make conservation a focal point of your energy plan.  It will create thousands of jobs in all states.  It will appeal to a broad range of voters.  It
will lower our dependence on foreign oil and actually make some renewable energy programs make sense.    I can put a group of 6 small business owners from all over this country together to lay out the foundation.  We are familiar with government programs, where the waste lies, and products/services that are available to accomplish the goal.  The
American people are ready for your leadership. I would like to discuss this further with your staff.  Please feel free to have them contact me.



Thomas E. Sprouse II

Creative Conservation Company, Inc.

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