Insulation for Existing Homes

Whether your home was built a century ago or completed yesterday, it’s not too late for you and your family to enjoy the benefits of cellulose insulation. Your attic and walls may be insulated with fiberglass that is doing a poor job.

Covering the loose-fill fiberglass in your attic with more of the same stuff “fails to restore the lost R-Value” that naturally occurs with fiberglass. But researchers at Oak Ridge found that when you “cap” your loose-fill fiberglass with cellulose, it not only adds R-Value, it actually restores the effective R-Value that fiberglass loses during the cold weather.

Many older homes are built with little or no insulation in the sidewalls. Your local trained cellulose professional can add cellulose insulation to your existing home’s sidewalls, making your home more energy efficient — saving you money!

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