Hot Attic? Go Foam!

Its that time of year. Outside temperatures are in the 90’s, humidity levels are through the roof and your home’s attic temperature is unbearable. The “hot cap” on top of your home effects how the entire performance of your home-from energy consumption to your basic comfort level.

Since heating a home in Virginia cost almost double what we spend to cool it, we often think of spray foam insulation as a solution for fixing our heating needs. Spray foam seals our home, so heat loss is minimized in the winter, saving money on our utility bills and increasing our winter time comfort. What about spray foam as an effective barrier against heat gain?

When temperatures rise, the radiant heat transfers from your roof, into your attic, and into your home. These adverse conditions cause our air conditioning to continually run, duct work to sweat, and humidity levels to rise. The best defense against the summer time heat is a Spray Foam Roof deck!

Spray foam installed under your roof reflects the majority of the heat transfer attempting to enter your home. Your HVAC system is then brought into a friendlier environment, eliminating duct sweating and allowing your system to work more efficiently. Attic temperatures stay with in 12 degrees of the rest of the home, removing the “hot cap” that sucks energy and comfort from your home. Your attic becomes a storage space you can actually use; no extreme temperature spikes that melt candles, fade decorations, or ruin spare furniture.

Spray foam is the solution for the summer time heat that effects our home! Hot Attic – Go Foam!

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