Exterior Wall Insulation- Can it be done right?

Drill and fill applications for exterior wall insulation is really a blind investment when it comes to properly air-sealing your home’s shell.  Creative Conservation Company Inc. recently removed the exterior of a home built in 1979 and used open cell spray foam to super insulate it.  The home is also getting new windows to replace rot and improve the energy efficiency of the envelope.  It was so evident of how much better a spray foam insulates and seals over a fiberglass batt.  Pipe holes were filled, corners insulated properly, and baseboard registers were sealed from behind.  The top and bottom of a bay window were even removed to properly seal that notorious energy and comfort feature.

Walls are least important when it comes to energy efficiency.  When it comes to comfort, they have moved up my list.  Feedback from the homeowner suggests better sound dampening, less drafty, and a more solid feel.  While any exterior wall insulation is better than none, a deep energy retro-fit should include total exterior shell removal, spray foam, shell replacement.  You will also leave knowing you gave the customer a super insulated exterior wall system.

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