Disney World- Earth Friendly and Fun!

Glad to be back! Mickey and the gang wore us out……I spent last week with my entire family (including mother and in-laws) in Orlando for the annual ICAA Trade Show and Convention.  Insulation Contractor’s Association of America gets together every year for educational seminars, round table discussions, and an industry wide trade show.  The trade show is the highlight of the week- showcasing all the latest and greatest insulation products, equipment, and services. 

I have not attended an ICAA convention in over 3 years.  This one became more attractive because we could fit a trip to Disney World in- mixing a little business with pleasure.  Because we were there for energy conservation, I decided to look around and see what Walt’s people were doing to conserve and reduce their impact on mother earth.  First of all, the place was remarkably clean.  I saw guys picking up trash 24/7.  I was reminded of how nice the world would be if everyone took trash pick up so seriously.  Mass Transportation- Disney has it dialed in.  The mono-rail moved people to and fro in what seemed like space age efficiency.  Hard to believe Roy Disney hopped on this same system in 1971 to open Disney’s first 2 hotels.  The bus system seamlessly moved us from airport to hotel to attractions- and back again.  Boats whisked us across waterways to restaurants and live entertainment.  With in the park, trains encircle the entire outer realm- freely moving us from one fantasy land to the next.  And of course the People Mover in Tomorrowland allowed us a glimpse into a space age transportation time.  I imagined how great it would be if we could take advantage of public transportation in our own everyday lives; the impact it would have on relationships and the environment.  We can only imagine how much energy a place like Disney World uses- but I like the effort I saw to conserve.  All bulbs in our room and in the hotel were CFLs.  Lights were on timers, daylight was used to its fullest potential- recycling bins were prominently placed. 

We had a great time at the Magic Kingdom.  It was too short- and we look forward to going back as our kids get older.  They did a great job making the adults fill like kids again- I honestly believe we enjoyed it more than the kids!  In addition to all the fun, it was nice to see the effort being made to conserve energy and the surrounding environment.  I look forward to where they go from here- Super Insulation, Solar, Rain water collection- the sky is the limit with Disney.  What better place to teach our kids…..and us!

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