Creative Conservation is in NOVA!

Creative Conservation has had roots in the Northern Virginia area for over a decade. We are happy to announce that Creative Conservation has acquired and partnered with another established company in the area, Nova Spray Foam.

When we asked our President, Thomas Sprouse, about what this means for the Nova area he said, “Merging with Nova Spray Foam expands our reach in the Virginia and DC while increasing our retrofit business in both areas. Creative Conservation combines the two companies’ reputations and experience to deliver first-rate residential and commercial spray foam jobs.”

Spray foam is an economical insulation choice for commercial buildings. Because of its superior air-sealing qualities and ability to minimize sound, spray foam is an ideal solution for commercial projects. The expanding liquid form is installed by spraying it into wall and floor cavities and is able to insulate concrete slabs, as well as finished walls. Once applied, the foam expands up to 100 times its original volume, creating a barrier against exterior sound, moisture, and temperature.

Our customers can feel confident knowing they will receive the same high-quality work that both Creative Conservation and Nova Spray Foam are known for. Regardless of building type or size, spray foam insulation is an environmentally-friendly choice that can improve the performance of your space and reduce your overhead costs. For a free consultation, contact Creative Conservation today!

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