Composting- Nature’s Way of Recycling

I am a new composter and organic gardener.  My family and I have embraced the idea because of the amount of food waste we are producing.  I can only imagine the amount of food that three boys will ultimately consume.

A kitchen compost caddy is the best way to get started.  You can keep this under the sink and put all applicable scraps into it after each meal.  Once it is full, take it to your backyard composting pile or barrel and mix it with your outside waste.  Be sure that your outside composting bin is in a sunny, level, well drained area.  As this waste breaks down, this extremely rich soil can be used to mix into flower and vegetable beds, placed into indoor plant containers or spread on new and existing lawns for fertilization. 

What you can compost:  Vegetable peelings, fruit waste, plant trimmings, leaves, grass, cardboard, coffee grounds and filters, eggshells

What you can not compost:  Meat, dairy products, dog/cat litter, weeds, diseased plants

Get committed to Eco-Gardening!  Composting piles and bins are a great way to reduce landfill waste.  There is no better soil you can create for your flowers and vegetables.  Nature’s way of recycling is fun for the entire family.  Give it a try today!

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